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If you live in your body, if you think you're only your body, you'll only be attracted to the other person's body. This is the physiological stage of love. But a musician, a painter, a poet, lives on a different plane: he doesn't think, he feels, and because he lives in his heart, he can feel the heart of the other person. This is what is usually called love...". Osho- From Death to Deathlessness, chapter 17

For Jay, being an artist at heart means having the courage to follow your heart, your inner voice, your intuition, and express yourself... Honoring life and being able to receive this light of inspiration, to vibrate and radiate Love... My massages are an invitation to a journey of voluptuousness and gentleness, to return to harmony, to connect with what brings us deep joy, and to align ourselves with what makes sense to us. I open the doors to wholeness to re-energize your body and mind. With all my love


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  • Belgian-Congolese
  • Belgian
  • 21
  • 177 cm
  • Brown
  • Brown
  • Français-Anglais (Bilingue)
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